Don‘t buy from if you don’t want to lose your money


What can you expect from

  1. Even items in website are marked IN STOCK, they do not have it. You could wait month or more for popular items, only with getting promises: soon, next week or smth. like this.
  2. Receive cheap, defective, Chinese made items, even if we talking about computers, smartphones or tablets without any warranties and quality inspection before shipping. It could be with bad batteries, screen or not working drivers of any of this.
  3. You could be cheated by staff to choose cheaper shipping option do avoid taxes, but they will forget all promises and still will write very large prices in custom declarations and you will be responsible for all of this.
  4. could offer you to send money via BANK transfer, not Paypal, to their China bank account (to save couple $ from final price). You will no longer have any protection if you not receive item or if you receive defective item then and they will have advantage over you to do what they want to do with your money.
  5. If you get item and it’s not quality from start or just DOA (for etc. because defective batch of manufacture process), you will be responsible and have to pay for shipping item back to them, yes, to China ( office) and believe me, it cost some money.
  6. If you want to get your money back, if agree with it, they could offer not to refund the final price you pay for the item, but will lower this price with their own created policy. Also you will not get any refund for customs taxes, or shipping back. You even have to pay for PayPal fees if you pay with BANK transfer. You could lose half of your money even if you return the item.
  7. Sum all this: you PAY for mistakes, not quality items, taxes, shipping both ways (because it’s not refundable), Paypal fee for getting some of your money back and so on…
  8. When you have no advantage over them, no protection, customer support won’t help like it should, they will forget all promises they give to you from start. You will get same formal answer every time. Don’t expect anything except losing your money more and more.
  9. Only one suggestion after all: AVOID, tell this to your friends too.

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  1. I have similar situation with

    I will tell this to all my friends for sure and share in Facebook.

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